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British Standard (BSI) kite mark certifications & locks

British Standard (BSI) kite mark certifications & locks

Unlocking the Mystery of British Standard Locks with Locksmith Kev in Newcastle upon Tyne

Are your locks British Standard compliant? Look for the BSI kite mark stamped on the lock itself. While older locks might not readily display the BSI Kite Mark, a qualified locksmith like Locksmith Kev can assist you in identifying it. When it comes to home insurance, be cautious about the details you provide to your insurer. Misrepresenting your locks as BSI Kite Mark certified when they are not could invalidate your burglary claim. Rely on Locksmith Kev's expert advice for the right answers.

Understanding Lock Certifications: BS3621 & TS007

Locks seeking BSI certification undergo rigorous internal assessments to meet BS3621 or TS007 standards. These locks are tested for wear and durability against picking or tampering. Locks that pass stringent testing are certified and allowed to display the BSI Kite Mark on the lock and packaging. Many insurance providers now require BS3621 or TS007-certified locks with a Kite Mark for coverage.

Explore Other BSI Standards

Aside from BS3621 and TS007, other BSI standards include BS8621 and BS10621. BS3621 covers Mortice and Cylinder locks for back doors, ensuring security even when the key is removed. BS8621 pertains to thumb turn locks, allowing key-operated entry from outside and emergency egress from inside. BS10621 applies to locks only operable from the outside with a key but can be opened from the inside with a lever. Your Trusted Locksmith in Newcastle upon Tyne

For high-quality and cost-effective locksmith services in Newcastle upon Tyne, rely on Locksmith Kev. With easy access to the A1 & A19, he can reach your location in under 30 minutes. As a small local family business, Locksmith Kev offers prices that are at least 20% cheaper compared to larger competitors and national locksmith firms.


Ensure your locks meet British Standard requirements with Locksmith Kev's expertise in Newcastle upon Tyne. Look for the BSI Kite Mark and consult Locksmith Kev at or call 07415714590 for reliable advice on your lock choices. Safeguard your property with certified locks, and trust in Locksmith Kev's top-notch locksmith services for ultimate peace of mind.

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