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Cylinder locks explained.

Cylinder locks explained.

Discovering the World of Cylinder Locks: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you curious about the different types of cylinder locks and their security features? Let's delve into the fascinating realm of cylinder locks, including Euro cylinders, Oval Cylinders, and Rim Cylinders, all commonly used on various door types. Whether you're considering 5 or 6-pin variants, some of these locks showcase intricate logos, stars, or diamonds etched on them, signifying their quality and security level.

Understanding TS007 British Standard and Kitemark:

The TS007 is a technical specification introduced by the Door and Hardware Federation and the Glass and Glazing Federation. Its inception was a response to rising burglary threats and lock-breaking methods shared online. TS007 sets high-security standards for lock cylinders and door hardware, and Kitemarks on cylinders indicate compliance with this standard.

Unlocking the Stars on Locks:

The stars etched on lock cylinders indicate the level of security they offer. A 1-star rating means the cylinder has met the requirements to display the British Standard Kitemark, showing resistance to drilling, picking, and bumping. On the other hand, 3-star cylinders have surpassed all TS007 tests, including lock snapping, ensuring top-tier security.

Sold Secure Diamond: Ultimate Security Assurance

Sold Secure is the ultimate testing and certification organization for security home products. Cylinders with Sold Secure Diamond rating have not only met TS007 standards but have exceeded them. Renowned brands like Yale, Abloy, and Brisant offer guarantees against lock-snapping attacks for their Sold Secure Diamond cylinders.

Security Pins: Guarding Against Intruders

Cylinder locks come equipped with various security pins to thwart lock-picking or bumping attempts. Common types include:

- Mushroom pins, featuring a distinctive mushroom-shaped top.

- Spool pins, characterized by a centre that resembles a tiny dumbbell.

- Serrated pins, boasting slight serrations around the pin.

- Hybrid pins, combining the security measures of other pin types.

Additional Security Measures:

Cylinder locks also employ additional security features to enhance protection:

- Trap pins, which activate and trap the cylinder when rotated without the key.

- Hardened anti-drill pins, strategically placed to resist lock drilling attempts.

- Anti-snap locks, designed with sacrificial lines to prevent cylinder snapping and unauthorized entry.

- Firing pins, hardened pins that prevent the door from being opened during an attack.

Calling a Professional Locksmith:

While facing lock-related issues such as lockouts or lost keys, consider the security level of different lock brands like Yale, ERA, AUP, Abloy, Brisant, and Avocet. Attempting DIY solutions can cause unintended damage. For a safe and efficient resolution, rely on a professional and insured locksmith like Locksmith Kev. With prompt service and competitive prices, Locksmith Kev ensures your locksmith needs are met effectively and affordably.

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