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Home Security

Home Security

After acquiring your dream home, whether through purchase or rental, it is crucial to consider changing the locks for enhanced security. When moving into a new property, you can't be certain how many keys are still circulating, which poses a potential risk to you and your family. Changing the locks ensures that any previous keys become useless, providing greater peace of mind.

Adding "changing the locks" to your new home move-in checklist is a wise decision. A professional locksmith can offer advice on insurance-rated locks and carry out the necessary lock replacements to safeguard your home from unauthorized access by individuals with copies of the previous keys.

If your new home is an older property with previous occupants, there might be multiple copies of the key in circulation. Neighbours, friends, or others in the vicinity may possess duplicates of the keys to your doors. Taking responsibility for changing the locks is essential to maintain the utmost security for your new dwelling.

Even in the case of a new build home, various contractors, inspectors, and real estate agents could have accessed the keys before you moved in, raising the possibility of unauthorized copies being made. Changing the locks helps prevent unwarranted access and minimizes the chance of opportunistic crimes.

While it cannot guarantee complete protection against burglary, changing the locks significantly reduces the risk of someone effortlessly entering your property without your consent.

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