Securing Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Doors and Locks

Securing Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Doors and Locks

Newcastle, a city with a rich architectural heritage, showcases a variety of doors in its homes and businesses, each demanding specific security measures. Here's an insightful overview of the diverse doors found in Newcastle and the recommended locks and hardware associated with them.

### **1. Traditional Wooden Doors:**

Classic wooden doors are a common sight in Newcastle. To bolster security, experts recommend the use of deadbolt locks with heavy-duty strike plates. Reinforcing wooden doors with metal plates and adding a peephole enhances safety significantly.

### **2. uPVC Doors:**

Durable and energy-efficient uPVC doors are prevalent in Newcastle. Equipped with multi-point locking systems, these doors often feature anti-snap Euro cylinder locks, providing robust protection against break-ins.

### **3. Composite Doors:**

Composite doors, crafted from a blend of materials, offer strength and weather resistance. They come with a variety of locking mechanisms, including deadbolts, hook bolts, and shoot bolts, ensuring both insulation and security.

### **4. Metal Doors:**

Commercial properties in Newcastle often employ steel or iron doors due to their strength. Mortise locks and electromagnetic locks are commonly used, providing high-level security against forced entry attempts.

### **5. Glass Doors:**

Glass doors, appreciated for their aesthetic appeal, utilise laminated or tempered glass for enhanced safety. Double-cylinder deadbolt locks with reinforced frames are recommended, making it challenging for intruders to gain unauthorised access.

### **6. Smart Doors:**

Smart doors, equipped with electronic locks and keyless entry systems, are on the rise in Newcastle. These doors offer advanced features like remote access control and real-time notifications, providing homeowners with an efficient way to monitor and secure their properties.

In Newcastle, the choice of doors varies, demanding tailored security solutions. Homeowners and businesses seeking expert advice can rely on professionals like Locksmith Kev. With their expertise, they ensure the installation of suitable locks and hardware, customising security solutions for different door types.

For reliable security assessments and installations, trust Locksmith Kev – your partner in safeguarding Newcastle's diverse architectural landscape.

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