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What is a night latch door lock?

What is a night latch door lock?

Night latches, commonly known as Yale locks, are commonly used on wooden doors, and they are installed on the inside of the door. There are four main types of night latches available:

🔘 Standard night latch: It has a spring-loaded latch that can be opened from the outside using a key. It also features a snib button to lock the door, which disables access with the key.

🔘 Deadlock night latch: Similar to the standard night latch, but when the key is turned one full turn from the outside, the latch is locked, and the handle becomes inactive from the inside.

🔘 Auto deadlocking night latch: This type automatically deadlocks the latch when the door is closed. Some models allow the handle to be locked with the key, making the key necessary to unlock the handle.

🔘 Auto deadbolt night latch: Offering high-security features, this lock has a bolt instead of a latch that automatically deadbolts when the door is shut.

Insurance providers often require that if a night latch is the sole locking mechanism on a door, it must be a British Standard-compliant night latch meeting BS3621 requirements.

Customers commonly refer to these locks as Yale Locks, with Yale being the most well-known Rim Cylinder with ERA in this category.

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